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2018 17:00

Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp

"Each a brilliantly iconoclastic artist on his own, Perelman and Shipp together create a third persona entirely – a four-handed, double-sided improviser capable of the most extraordinary flights."            Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp Duo

"Perelman and Shipp show unbounded artistic maturity that can be placed among the most important representations of the sax and piano jazz duo (Waldron-Lacy, Braxton-Cryspell, Bergman-Parker). Percorsi Musicali

"Art at the highest level. You would expect no less than that from artists the caliber of Ivo Perelman and Matthew Shipp." Something Else! Reviews

"Carving their place as one of jazz history's great duos." Neil Tesser,

"The deep connection between Perelman and Shipp, both masters of improvisation, is a real clairvoyance…their empathy is amazing." All About Jazz

"A dazzling display of spontaneous playing, accomplished by two voices in synch with each other both musically and spiritually." David Liebman saxophonist

"The lively and winding interweaving of the sax within the musical foundation constructed by pianist Matt Shipp produces fascinating results." Culture Jazz

"The Gift is on high level, and especially rise in the final part of the CD, introduced by Shipp’s dry lyricism, to the suspended "Without Any Warning," when the double bass with the bow opens wide space to the music, to the conclusive "Enlistment," splendid tenor sax solo , where Perelman’s great sound display the legacy of Hawkins, Webster and Rollins." All About Jazz

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