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2016 21:00

Lew Tabackin Trio

There is no earthly reason why Lew Tabackin should be known only among the cognoscenti. Apart from being co-leading the iconic big band with his wife Toshiko Akiyoshi he has spearheaded may memorable ensembles including this wonderful trio with bassist Boris Kozlov and long-time associate and drummer Mark Taylor. But that is only name association. Tabackin’s sound is singular; one-of-a-kind and informed by an enormous tone-colour palette. He plays in mighty parabolic leaps with broad, gliding glissandos and terrifyingly beautiful, darting arpeggios and yet when his wonderfully mellifluous music demands his lines are simple and curves with but a hint of tremolo to finish them off. His playing claims it’s decent from Big Ben Webster and Sonny Rollins. All this means is that he has great lineage on the tenor saxophone. On flute he joins Eric Dolphy as one of the most virtuoso and mystical players on the instrument.

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