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2013 17:00

Miss O

Odette Di Maio (Milaan-Italië)
Jan De Block (Opwijk-België)
Luc van Lieshout (Tuxedomoon)

Miss O takes you to a parallel universe: a world of deep emotions, warm tones and delicate sounds.

Miss O is a little seed that becomes flesh and bones, and finds her spot in an otherworldly dimension. She’s the tiny line between the desire and the fear for love.
Magical and pure sentimental elements blend together in a unique sound and style.

The core of Miss O consists of duo Odette Di Maio, an Italian singer and songwriter with a broad international experience, and Jan De Block, a versatile and eclectic composer from Belgium.

Odette and Jan met in 2004, by chance, in the home-studio of a mutual friend.
Jan was impressed by Odette’s crystalline voice and proposed her to perform on one of his tracks.
Track by track and step by step, they realized that they were both exploring the same musical universe. After a long and intense journey of trying and searching, the universe of Miss O was getting shape, and both artists started writing an entire album together in 2009.
In the summer of 2011, Miss O sees the light while their first record “Infection” is released on the 9th of May of 2012!

Miss O is the sweet, fragile and warm voice of Odette, and the subtle, intimate music of Jan.

Open your mind and soul, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away to the world of Miss O.

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