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2010 22:00

"Tell Me Why I Do Like Mondays..."

(Free concert every Monday)


Old school grooves Dominique Vantomme : fender rhodes, hammond, clavinet, ... Mirko Banovic : bass, soundscapes Geert Roelofs : drums, programming "Come on we'll take a break; and now, let's make some real good swell music!" Frustrations, happiness, broken mobile phones, true and honest feelings, the bright shiny warm and the horrible cold weather, the joy of family life and the lonely thoughts of a musician always on the road, cheap food and haute cuisine, sexy girls and dark highways, images of children, an old lady crossing the street, horny rabbits, a Chinese mule, bartender jokes, just plain fun, or whatsoever, it all seems to be of influence on these very fine first results of their studio sessions, improvisations and compositions. These three creative, and broadly experienced musicians meet each other in the backroom of their musical heritage, evolve in this new, dedicated to jazz, funk, rock and other mellow tunes formed trio: Root. Root is an initiative of Dominique Vantomme. He met his musical rhythm companions Geert Roelofs and Mirko Banovic on so many occasions that the three of them coming together for creating their own music was just a matter of time, due to their busy agendas. And finally, it matched! Here are the first results. Root it is. Let Root now open your mindset and their music will do the rest of the brain massage. It's honest. It's creative. It's pure. It's music pure. It's Root! And there is more to come... For now, come on friends: join in. Free entrance. Selection at the door. Classy 'n Jazzy dresscode. Root Website Lees meer