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2015 17:00

Dino Massa Trio

CD review: Dino Massa Quartet - Anime Diverse

I recently discovered the music of this Italian jazz musician and I am already a fan. On Dino Massa music one might find a diversity of styles ranging from bebop, modern jazz, latin music and european classical music.

A cascade of notes comes out of Massa piano to give way to the bebop piece "Mc Coy's Blues". The warm expressive tone of Valerio Virzo on sax is reminiscent of the great Dexter Gordon. Both Massa and Virzo display emotional and technical intensity on their improvisations.

A classical piano serves as an intro to the beatiful ballad "Crome Annacquate" . The tone of sax on this one reminds me of John Coltrane.

In "Collegamenti seriosamente seriali" Massa and company ventures into avantgarde. "Pippo" is a funk, with another dosis of good imvrovisations by Massa on piano.

After a heartfelt interpretation of the melancholic piece "Per un amico" (For a friend), the band goes into full swing on the bebop Charlie Parker like " Via Chiamatone" and the cool swing of "Monky's". The album close with the danceable, latin rhythms of "To-ni-ni-no".

Tracks: Mc Coy's blues, Crome annacquate, Collegamenti seriosamente seriali, Pippo, Per un amico, Via chiamatone, Monky's, To-ni-ni-no

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