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2010 22:00

Tell Me Why I Do Like Mondays (Free concert every Monday at 10pm)

(Free concert every Monday at 10pm)


Patrick Ouchene Lead vocals, rythm guitar, lead guitar, baritone guitar Lenn Dauphin Upright Bass, bowed, backing vocals Koen verbeek Drums, lead and backing vocals, scratch-o-caster RUNNIN'WILD combines the finest Rockabilly, country, Blues and Jazz with a wild Rock'n'Roll stage act. For 15 years now Runnin'Wild has been one of the leading bands in the Europeen Rockabilly scene. Playing all over the World on the most popular Rockabilly festivals has gained them a strong following. Make sure you don't miss the next show in your neighbourhood. And remember, whatever you do, where ever you go, keep on RUNNIN' WILD! Runnin’ Wild on Myspace lire la suite…