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Tell me why I do like Mondays... with La Jerôme

Kiù Jérôme is a half Haitian, half Belgian singer/songwriter.

If you wanted to summarize her way of life for the last 11 years, the best fitting formula would be “Music is my husband and rhythm is my lover”.

It also happens to be one of the titles she sang on the third Blue Note-Album “I am you” from the late Belgian jazz pianist, composer and producer Marc Moulin who she worked with on three albums over 8 years, and with whom she started to sing early 2000.

From that time on, Kiù enjoyed a tailor-made schooling singing for the Belgian Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk and Rock scene mainly as a background vocalist.

Today she’s melded her soulful deep voice and her eclectic heritage with the electric grooves and arrangements of Pascal Paulus.

They met joining a Sly&The Family Stone Tribute in Brussels in the summer of 2011, where she once more revealed to be a powerful front woman.

Their work together on Kiù’s debut album “JERÔME is a woman’s name” – recorded at Brussels Martime’s homestudio “Electric Woman”- speaks from and to the heart, the soul and even reflects on our ways today…

The spicy and unique flavors she’s developed stick with you from the moment they get to your senses… Pure Belgian Chocolate Music!

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