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Normanton Street

A soul/hip hop group based in Brighton fronted by Ned, Nicholson & Phoebe. Their sound is lyrically focused with three distinct vocals, jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves, tight rhythmic drums and memorable saxophone melodies.

After a busy year of collaborations, headline shows, tours and high profile supports, Normanton Street show no sign of slowing down, with plans to branch out overseas in 2015, as well as their debut album release, due to drop in Autumn this year. The band has built quite a reputation for their live performances, playing over 75 shows last year, recently supporting legendary rapper Talib Kweli at The Haunt, Brighton and Mercury-nominated poet Kate Tempest in November 2014.

Normanton Street launched a new EP called Much Respect with a UK tour, playing in Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Sheffield and London. They finished the tour on the 31st of October with a show at the Haunt, Brighton in front of a 200+ crowd. Other highlights of the year include a storming performance at Love Supreme Festival back in July, playing 4 shows during Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, an appearance at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in May, and the band’s first tour of Wales in April, playing shows in Bangor, Cardiff and Newport.

In 2013, Normanton Street played over 60 shows, including hosting two jam-packed EP launch events at The Green Door Store in Brighton: MOVES EP (August 17th) and The Phoebe Freya EP (December 6th). In October 2013 Normanton Street supported the critically acclaimed VV Brown at Brighton Coalition, as well as supporting The Mouse Outfit at Brixton Hootananny in November 2013. The band also toured the North of England, playing gigs in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Back in 2012, just a year after forming, Normanton Street released two EPS; The Normanton Street EP (July) and All For You EP (September). The first was a local success establishing the band on the local scene gaining radio play on local stations such as Juice FM, Radio Reverb and Radio Free Brighton. The All For You EP (an online-only release) built on the momentum established by the first release and helped cement a solid fan base in Brighton.
In August 2013, Normanton Street set up their own record label, QM Records, which they use to release their records, as well as the music of other Brighton-based talents such as Tommy Sissons and St. Longplayer. The first release on the label was MOVES EP in August 2013, followed up by The Phoebe Freya EP in December 2013. In addition to physical releases, QM Records also hosts regular gigs at The Mesmerist in Brighton, supporting the local music scene and encouraging and supporting collaborations with other musicians.

Written by Tom Charles Sayer

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