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2022 17:00

Riguelle & Hautekiet: A Few Words in Defense of Randy Newman

Anyone who would like to see Randy Newman's music described in one fluent, wonderfully clear but at the same time profound sentence, can certainly contact Jan Hautekiet. But perhaps the named Patrick Riguelle in turn sums it up adequately as well. Randy Newman's music? "Yep!" When both men started playing as a duo in 1997, God's Song was one of the first songs on their playlist. Even more than 20 years later, Randy Newman is still more than a companion on the route. Randall Stewart Newman comes from an unlikely musical family and more specifically followed in the footsteps of several of his Hollywood-affiliated uncles by bathing his own pop music in a distinctly cinematic atmosphere. In fact, his songs can easily withstand the comparison with short films, which sometimes yield grubby, sarcastic and eternally topical portraits of America large and small, but also heartbreaking ballads about lost and expired loves full of guilt and penance. Sometimes there is laughter, then again the tears come to us, listeners, in abundance in the viewer… In 'A Few Words in Defense of Randy Newman', Jan Hautekiet and Patrick Riguelle tackle a fine selection from Newman's eleven regular albums.

Can not be missed.

Patrick Riguelle (voice, guitar), Jan Hautekiet (piano), Chris Peeters (guitar), Franky Cooreman (bass)

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