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2015 21:00

Jarrod Lawson & Tahirah Memory Duo

Jarrod Lawson dabbles in funk, folk, R&B, rock and jazz, but one thing is constant, "everything he touches turns to soul."

Tahirah Memory is best known until now as backing vocalist for Jarrod Lawson. Tahirah steps up to make her debut album ‘Pride’ , assisted by Lawson on keyboards, co-production and on the wonderful duet ballad ‘All The Time’ on which both of their sweet voices soar above the acoustic backdrop, likely to be one of the tracks of the year and a definite future classic. This is music that you really feel. A superb debut album, revealing another great new talent.

"Y'all know that we Good People are a tight-knit family, so it's important to promote and lift each other up. One of our own, the deeply passionate songbird Tahirah Memory, has recently set free a beautiful collection of her own stirring compositions for you to bathe and steep your soul in. Although I was heavily involved in this project, co-writing and co-producing, these songs, both lyrically and musically, came to be what they are, first and foremost, through HER vision and creation. If her touching voice and songs don't move you, then I don't know what will. If you haven't already, please take a moment and support this praise-worthy, up-and-coming singer/songwriter, our girl, TAHIRAH MEMORY!!!"
Jarrod Lawson

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