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2015 21:00

Dans Dans

Dans Dans unites the talents of three musicians at the absolute top of their game:
Bert Dockx on guitar (the driving force behind Flying Horseman)
Fred Lyenn on bass (better known as Lyenn, songwriter and guitarist, bass player for Mark Lanegan)
and Steven Cassiers on drums (also with Dez Mona and others)
Their new album ‘3’, produced by Koen Gisen, is coming out in November.
From garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll: a lot of labels get thrown at Dans Dans and they’re all appropriate to a certain extent.
Dans Dans made a splash when they launched in 2012. Their debut album is full of songs that at first sound like rock and jazz casually tossed together, but at the same time “Dans Dans” reveals an impressive musical depth and boundless inspiration. Their second album appeared just one year later, leaving its own searing mark. It’s a wasteland of ominous calm in which musical depravity is the only relief. I/II is an album that takes you to the other side, one that constantly calls itself into question and leaves you searching for answers.
Even more incredible is how the expectations created by their studio work are exceeded in their live performances. A Dans Dans show is always too short. It’s an ecstatic peak that makes the silence afterwards unbearable. Hopes are running just as high for the third album, to be released this autumn. It was recorded in just four days, after no more than ten rehearsal sessions. Sessions in which all the group members assembled their ideas and developed them collectively. Whereas on the first two albums Dans Dans mostly focused on interpretations and radical treatments of other composers’ work, almost all of the new songs are their own original creations. The name of the new album ‘3’ says it all: more than ever before, Dans Dans is about three people creating music together, shaping their ideas into their own distinctive arrangements. This is hardly a recipe for perfect harmony though; Lyenn, Cassiers and Dockx approach each other like circling wild dogs: testing, challenging, confronting one another. This allows the band to reinvent itself once again, pushing the boundaries even further. ‘3’ contains more electronics and keyboards. More prominent are the exotic influences, but also the drones and ambient sounds. Hip-hop, psychedelica, jazz, noise: everything is fair game in an atmosphere of artful improvisation. Dans Dans locks onto its target unwaveringly, but never takes the easy route. Shoulder to shoulder, aware of each other’s every move.

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