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2015 17:00


Born in a musical family - his mother is a classical pianist, his father an amateur jazzman -, but it is another family member, and a celebrity, saxophonist Jacques PELZERwho introduces him to jazz and will have a strong influence on his career. Together they will found the band OPEN SKY UNIT.

In the mid seventies, he attends courses at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

On return to Belgium he creates, with Henri POUSSEUR, the Jazz Seminar at the Liège Conservatory.

During the same period, he brings over to Europe some US musicians and forms the groups Solstice first, then Mauve Traffic (with Bill FRISELL, Greg BADOLATO, Kermit DRISCOLL, Michel HERR, Vinnie JOHNSON, with whom he worked in Europe and released the album "Oh Boy" (MD).

He played with some legendary names like Chet BAKER (he recorded with him), Mike STERN, George COLEMAN, Gerry MULLIGAN, Clark TERRY, Jon EARDLEY, Joe NEWMAN, etc.

Composer, arranger and free-lance musician, he recorded several albums as a leader.

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