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2015 21:00

Tell Me Why I Do Like Mondays... with LE GRAND BATEAU

‘Girl singing in French, some accordion passages here and there... it must be French chanson’

Anyone who takes this as a reason to listen to the group will have wasted their time.

Le Grand Bateau produces a sound entirely its own, incorporating a wide range of influences. It’s no easy task to label or categorise their music and if one could it would immediately be superseded.

The lyrics determine the music, regardless of genre.

The lyrics and music are inherent to the material and each depends on the other.

Although the numbers seem to sound lively, they are accompanied by rather more melancholy lyrics.

As is often the case in song- writing, the inspiration was taken from personal experiences and stories heard ‘at the bar’ or in conversations.

Although many of the numbers are about people, what they do above all is visualise a genuine emotion.

There is story behind every façade. In spite of this contradiction and diversity, there is a thread that ties it all together. The members of the group spin this thread very informally, and the truly intriguing nature of the songs arises out of the members’ individual lifestyles. All with different tastes in music, views and characters; it is to this that the music owes its complexity.

But to express it in an uncomplicated manner, we can say that they play numbers that are above all appealing, genuine and lively. A delight to listen to and a pleasure to see them play. They are neither black, nor white... but more like grey (like Belgian weather).

They offer you a ‘chanson Belge’

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