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2015 17:00

Le Jazz apr├Ęs shopping with RUNtoSEED

RUNtoSEED is an eco-futuristic journey shared by pianist/singer/composer -couple Susan Clynes and Antoine Guenet.

RUNtoSEED means not to stop at the happy appearance of the flower from its bud but, after observing it with delectation, let it spread in the gardens. It's the triumph of recycling in order to create novelty.
RUNtoSEED's music was freely inspired by all music before it, taking cuttings between music genres in order to create songs that are as pop as jazz, rock and electronic, with branches that spread towards various classical eras, with voices and keyboards at the center of it.
The promise of an intimate moment and a baffling journey that will spread into your gardens.

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