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2014 21:00

On Impulse ft. special guest Nigel Hitchcock

A loving marriage of traditional jazz with the legendary electrified sounds from rock, r&b and funk. That is what jazz/fusion trio „on impulse” stands for. Based in the Netherlands since 2010, „on impulse” quickly established a solid reputation in jazz/fusion land for their infectious mix of jazz and the electrified sounds of the 70’s. No wonder since all three members already were (and are) playing with some of the worlds’ leading jazz and fusion musicians before teaming up as a trio. One look at the weapons of choice from the 3 musicians already reveals much about the sound of „on impulse”: fender Rhodes piano and classic analog synth sounds go hand in hand with virtuosic bass playing on a classic jazz bass and unique high energy drum grooves. In their relative short existence the band already paid their dues on the road extensively with tours with guests ranging from Usa trumpeter Randy Brecker, Uk based sax player Nigel Hitchcock, to Usa vocalist Deborah j. Carter. 

The deep chemistry between the band members and the ability of the band to create explosive yet meaningful music on the spot (hence the name "on impulse") ensures jazz-fusion in the most pure form. Because of this the band always chooses to record their albums mostly live, permitting only minor overdubs. It’s the only way of truly seizing the energy and ideas this band is capable of producing on the spot. High-energy jazz-rock from today's art form flame keepers with clear nostalgic echoes of the past.

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