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2014 17:00

Martin Jacobsen 4tet

Although Danish-born Martin Jacobsen considers Paris his home base, the busy saxophonist travels extensively throughout Europe and abroad, performing with such notable jazz performers as David Sanborn. 
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, he began playing the tenor saxophone at the relatively late age 19, driven by a strong urge for musical expression after listening to jazz for about a year, especially the Miles Davis group with John Coltrane of the 1950s. He received a few lessons from fellow tenorman Tomas Franck, but largely taught himself to play. "It isn't always the best way to learn because you can make mistakes, do things wrong and then you have to waste time correcting bad technique. But also, doing it the hard way, you can make discoveries. You definitely find out what is really important." 

Through the 1990s, Martin worked with a host of talented young jazz players on the Copenhagen scene and was heard with the Bust'n Bloopers Big Band with among others Bob Mintzer and formed his quartet with guitarist Jacob Fischer in 1993. In 1995, he took the advice of saxophonist Bob Rockwell who suggested he move to either New York or Paris. Martin plumped for "Paree" and has since been performing and recording CDs, radio and television shows with Doug RaneyBobby DurhamDavid SanbornGil Goldstein,Rick HollanderJesse van RullerNiels-Henning Ørsted PedersenAntonio FaraoMark Taylor,Yutaka Shiina and many others. 

Martin Jacobsen has his base in Paris, but is a busy traveler in Europe and abroad and has performed in more than 25 countries, including Japan, ItalyEnglandGermanyVietnamCambodiaMongolia,Singapore, ChinaMongoliaMacedonia, Albania, ScotlandSouth KoreaCanada, Indonesia,Spain, UAE, Mozambique, PortugalSwitzerlandHungaryNetherlandsBelgiumLebanon and of cause in Denmark

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