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2013 17:00

Samuel Blaser Trio

Samuel Blaser was first attracted to the trombone after being enthralled by a marching band performing near his hometown of La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland when he was just two years old. His genuine enthusiasm for the trombone is palpable to this day and can be felt even as Blaser performs some of the most sophisticated and elegant music since the instrument´s heyday during Albert Mangelsdorff´s reign. 
Blaser's new European based project, featuring the incredible French guitarist Marc Ducret and the versatile Danish drummer Peter Bruun, confirms that he is an artist who overflows with daring ideas and concepts. Taking the adventurous step of melding written material with improvisation, Blaser creates a new musical world with inventive instrumentation and unsurpassed skill which is at once familiar and yet startlingly fresh and compelling. Launched at the JazzDor Festival, the Samuel Blaser Trio will officially give their first performance on June 5th 2013 in Berlin.

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