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Natalie John Quartet

Natalie John, jazz vocalist and composer, makes her European debut in January 2015 to present her upcoming self-titled album, Natalie John. She will present her quartet at various venues throughout Belgium and Germany.

The band is comprised of the following members: Paul Kirby, piano; Sean Pentland, bass; Manuel Weyand, drums. The quartet met while on faculty at Paekche University of the Arts in Seoul, South Korea, a connection that has spurred several artistic collaborations including the upcoming Natalie John Music Tour 2015. Fans of such contemporary young jazz vocalists as Gian Slater, Becca Stevens, and Maria Neckam are also drawn to the quartet’s unique approach to contemporary jazz as they seamlessly weave complex harmonies and rhythms with catchy backbeats and heartbreaking melodies to portray stories of lost loves and new beginnings. 

American vocalist Natalie John is a native of Northern California and a long time previous resident of Brooklyn, NY. Awards and accolades include the 2005 John Coltrane Scholarship for Jazz Vocals, and the 2006 Downbeat Award for College Vocalist. She has sung at the Peru Jazz Festival and the Seoul Jazz Festival, and has appeared with the Youngjoo Song Trio, the Joshua Davis Group, guitarist Prasanna, Ingrid Jensen, the Bjorkestra, Vardan Ovsepian, Cho Yoon Seong’s Mini Symphony Orchestra and more. She has released two albums: Unveiled, (2010), and Natalie and Maya, the EP (2012). “ Natalie’s music skews folksy and interior, mingling jazz improvisation with drifting lyricism.” -New York Times; "Her musical interpretations are both brilliant and groundbreaking." - All About Jazz

British pianist Paul Kirby has accompanied some of the top names in jazz including Herb Geller, Steve Grossman, Jim Snidero, Jesse Davis, Billy Hart, Tim Armacost, Peter King, amongst many others and recorded his own trio album with drummer Mark Taylor and bassist Martin Zenker.  “Kirby’s touch – whether in vigorous Spanish dance mode, Bach-influenced intricacy or Bill Evans-like reflection – was hugely impressive.” – Glasgow Herald, UK

American bassist Sean Pentland has split his time between Edinburgh, Berlin and Seoul. Previously, whilst living in Germany he toured with tenor sax legends, Don Braden and Jerry Bergonzi in October, 2010 and January, 2013 respectively and has appeared across Germany with local greats such as Johannes Enders, Tine Schneider, and Ed Kröger, among many others. During his UK stint in 2007-'09 he worked with some of the finest British jazz musicians such as Bobby Wellins, Tina May, Brian Kellock, Kit Downes and also performed original music with his own trio and quartet.

German drummer Manuel Weyand has shared the stage with a multitude of internationally renowned artists such as Steve Wilson, Randy Johnston, David Berkman, Lage Lund, Youngjoo Song, Ji Young Lee, John Nam, Cho Yoonseung, Kenji Omae, Lukas Gabric and Martin Schulte. Several awards received stand as a testament to Mr. Weyand’s 

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