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Riguelle & Hautekiet

Un Premier Amour De Luxe

Anyone Patrick Riguelle & Jan Hautekiet recent seasons at work saw it was agreed: La chanson française is in their blood.
Un Premier Amour finds his inspiration in their childhood and in the record collection of their parents and grandparents, but they also save the bridge to contemporary repertoire.
A selection of songs that includes no less than a century, the frivolity of Josephine Baker about the romance of Jean Sablon to the poetic tragedy of Noir Désir.
Les p'tits Belges like Jacques Brel and André Bialek were assigned a place of honor.
To the delight of the audience anyway.
Anno 2012 is that passion become an obsession.
Autumn of 2012 came a first album in a production of Frank Vander linden & Dirk Jans.
Live plays Riguelle old and new: new pearls are sent into the world, but also supposedly forgotten songs get new powers blown. A repertoire finger-licking good. To add a song to immortalize must be scratched in souls, hear hearts break and blood must flow. Well, this is your section!

Prijs: € 12