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2017 17:00

Joachim Caffonnette piano solo

Joachim was born on the 4th of July, 1989. There is no pride in that useless fact, but from the point of view of a European jazz musician, it could make sense… Or maybe not. Fruit of the union between a globetrotter-avant-garde actress and a passionated father specialised in multi-tasking, Caffonnette’s childhood was spent on tour, in the dressing rooms and behind lighting control desks of countless theatres. At the age of 5, when his mother asked him if he wanted to play an instrument, he chose the piano… God knows why. Caffonnette started practicing the instrument in a dilettante way, while devoting the rest of his time to an eclectic number of activities such as martial arts, drawing, chess, writing, theatre, football, cooking or scouting. Upon entering his teenage years, he discovered jazz music, and at the age of 14, decided that he wanted to become a jazz pianist. 

The assumption might be right or wrong, but it is common thought that deep knowledge of classical music is a huge asset to jazz musicians. Following that belief, Caffonnette enrolled in a classical music high-school program where he improved his mastery of the piano and dived into the delights of solfeggio and counterpoint. During his time there, he already suggested personal arrangements to his chamber music teachers and wrote his first compositions, playing them at auditions and exams besides his classical program. 


After graduating, he entered the jazz class of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he had the opportunity to study with, among others, pianist Eric Legnini. When he turned 19, Caffonnette wholeheartedly stepped in the night life of Brussels’ jam sessions, mixing the academic teaching with the good old way of learning jazz, confronting himself to experienced musicians and performing his first concerts. 


Thanks to his American uncle and his mother’s friends around the world, he travelled a lot, including several stays in New-York City that allowed him to feed himself with the jazz energy of the big apple. The local media library became his new favorite place, and he copied on audiotapes tons of albums by Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk or Michel Petrucciani, among others. At the age of 20, blown away by the multiple talents of the New-York jazz scene, he attended a workshop in Italy given by various American musicians, including guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. Rosenwinkel’s music, as well as Brad Mehldau’s and Caffonnette’s love for late XIX, early XX century’s classical music changed the young man into a hard-working composer. He decided to put aside his traditional piano-bass-drum trio for a while and added a saxophone and a guitar to the band’s line-up. From that day on, the quintet would never stop to evolve. 


Caffonnette practiced his skills on the stages of Brussels’ jazz clubs, especially the famous Sounds Jazz Club. For 3 years in a row, the club offered him an artistic residence, allowing him to play, experiment and learn the job as no conservatories ever could. 

Relentless in his practice of the jazz standards repertoire, composing, playing and arranging music for all kinds of ensembles of any size, teaching and learning, committed to the associative sector and a strong advocate of the cultural sector, Joachim Caffonnette has mastered his knowledge of composition with Kris Defoort, a teacher that opened his eyes and ears to avant-garde music and the importance of paying attention to the details that can transcend a musical composition. In 2015, aged 26, he released his first full album, Simplexity, and since then continues steering his ship into the rough artistic world of the XXI century.

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2017 21:00

Simon Wright

Simon Wright is an Australian acoustic/hip hop/roots loop artist. Born in Byron Bay, NSW Australia on the 2nd Jan 1982. Former front man of The Wright Brothers, The Groove Collective and The Eclective. Though he didn’t play music till the age of 19 he has performed over 1600 shows in his 12 year professional music career. In 2013 he was nominated Live Artist of the Year at the MusicOZ AIMA and was a finalist in the Telstra Road to Discovery and the Catapult Song Contest with his acoustic hip hop track entitled “Music”.

  • Bluesfest Busking Comp 3 times Finalist 2007, 2014 and 2015
  • Pacific Song Writers Comp 2007 Open Hip Hop Winner
  • Whotune/Casio Take The Stage Comp 2011 Winner
  • Outback Music Foundation MJ Battle of the Bands 2011 Winner
  • Festival appearances; Byron Bay Bluesfest 2006, 2014 and 2015, Byron Bay Reggae Fest 2012, Folk Rythmn and Life Fest 2009, 2010, 2012, St Kilda Fest 2010, 2011, 2013, Apollo Bay Fest 2012, Bendigo Blues Fest 2014, 2015, Renaissance fest 2009

The Wright family live and breathe music. Simon’s father Dave is a blues guitarists and a huge influence in his introduction to musical concepts, his brother Jedi is the guitarist for progressive metal outfit ENGINE (Formerly Engine Three Seven) and was his partner in fronting his first group The Wright Brothers. Simon’s family of four brothers and a sister were brought up in northern New South Wales alternative coastal town of Byron Bay. It was in Byron that Simon had his start in music with The Wright Brothers then later fronting The Groove Collective.

Performing live at Le Cabaret Du Monstique Feb 2013

In 2013 Simon began a new direction again. Stripping back this time to a solo show and incorporating a loop pedal gave him the freedom to tour on a much smaller budget. Meaning the international circuit was no longer out of reach. After 2 years of honing his skills on the looper he set off on his current adventure named #looptheworld.

What started out as an idea developed into a dream and now Simon is setting off to #LoopTheWorld with his guitar, loop station, change of underwear and girlfriend Hannah. “The idea is simple, gowhere the music takes us. It’s an adventure in living simply and putting faith into humanity and the unknown.” With shows already booked for East Coast Australia, Thailand, Greece and then through Europe the couple plan to live off performance fees, CD sales and the pocket change of strangers, literally singing for their super.

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2017 21:00

2nd Floor Samurais

2nd Floor Samurais are the latest phenomenon to hit the SF Bay Area Underground Hip Hop scene and comprises of veteran MC’s Orukusaki and Kensho Kuma. Both MC’s are seasoned homegrown independent Hip Hop artists whose roots can be traced back to the late nineties, with respective projects, international tours, and a strong local presence.

The Origin

2FS was officially formed when the highly decorated battle champion Orukusaki joined forces with the bilingual rhyme ninja Kensho Kuma in 2013. The title “2nd Floor Samurais” accurately captures their dedication to ancient warrior discipline which they apply to Hip Hop, their mentalities, and lifestyles. It also describes the MC’s constant practice and desire to ascend above the societal norm in respects to various life issues, ranging from relationships, human growth, and the derogatory implications of mass media. The view from this elevated state of mind is what the two consider the “2nd Floor.” The debut group album "Shogun Stories" had been in the works for roughly three years; the vast majority of the production has been handled by Decap who is credited with working with the likes of Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, and Masta Ace, and Sota Furugen, who is the “go-to-man” in Japanese Hip Hop, and has been credited with producing for Ayumi Hamasaki, who is considered the Mariah Carey of Asia. The debut group album is now finally available..

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